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Troubles On My Mind

Michael Prado is a brazilian dj & producer based in Milan, who collaborates with the famous german fashion designer Philpp Plein and steadily touring around the globe from Italy to China, from Spain to Arab Emirates and many more. Now he presents his new single “Focus On The Purpose” in collaboration with the compatriot Leo Chiodaroli, who reached China with his house music, and the voice of the soul/rock american singer Amber Sweeney.

This is the first official "EGO Music For Free" release, a new format based on free downloads exclusively offered by EGO, among the very few italian labels that propose it.

"Troubles On My Mind" is a production which highlights the strong presence of guitar and voice elements that find more space and relevance in the drop, lead by a whistle that makes the track even more sinuous and catchy.

Enjoy the music, with “EGO Music For Free” it’s really free!