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Tik Tok

“Tik Tok” is the brand new single from Peruvian singer Garcia Pà in collaboration with Italian artist, producer and composer Raffino.

Latin rhythm and sound, fresh drums mixed with the sexy voice of Garcia Pà create the perfect track to make you dance all summer long!

Born in Lima, Perù, Garcia Pà moved to Italy when he was only a kid. He started his musical path as a dj and then he jumped in the Latin world. In 2011he begun to compose his first singles and albums. In 2017 he received the Nomination as Best Urban Artist and Best Latin Pop Theme at Latin Music Awards Italy with “Bailemos Otra Vez” in collaboration with Sapienza (known for the International hit “Tacata”). In 2018 he released “Dale Play” with EGO Music and in 2019 “Suelta” with E2 in collaboration with Sapienza and Veronika Sierna. In addition to being a singer is also a radio speaker for Radio Mambo with a Urban/Latin music program.

Raffino is an Italian artist, producer and composer from Rome. He started composing music when he was only 14 and soon after producing.
At the age of 20 he began to be known in the South American scene, among reggaeton singers in Rome.
In 2018, he collaborated with artists such as Ion Real Deal, Jamil, Ogeastbull, Alessio La Profunda Melodia, and others.
His musical influences are Afro/Caribbean, giving particularity to his productions.