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Thanks For Leaving

The queen Alexandra Stan is back. And when the queen calls, we run to her. Alexandra Stan got us used to big successes, one for all, the HIT of summer 2011, "Mr Saxobeat" (multi-platinum in Italy), but also "Lemonade" (gold award in Italy).
Alexandra Stan has always been an Artist with a capital "a", an eclectic and versatile one, always looking for new suggestions and inspirations. After some months far from the showbiz  she was beaten up by her ex manager and ex boyfriend, Alexandra is back stronger than ever, she is aware of what happened and, most of all, of what is going to be. Alexandra spent some weeks in Los Angeles writing her new single, "Thanks for Leaving", and other songs that are part of her new album. Sometimes goodbyes are necessary to grow up and be what we are. Alexandra is now more international, beautiful and determined than ever.