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Sexy Move

“Sexy Move” is the new single from Italian dj and producer Mr. Mara and Italian singer Fed. 

When you listen to this track all you want to do is party, dance and having fun thanks to the latin vibes, dance sounds and catchy vocal that characterize it, a real anthem to happiness and fun.

Mr. Mara discovers his passion for music when he was a child, having a vocation for dance/electronic music. He starts creating remixes and mashups for different artists and in 2016 he creates, in collaboration with Michael Cesarini, the project “FPB”. Their first single “Never Back Down”, in collaboration with Da Brozz released on Ego has a great success. The second single “Mind” released in 2018 is supported by international djs like Nicky Romero, Timmy Trumpet, Gianluca Vacchi and many more. In 2019 Mr. Mara decides to begin his solo project based on dance and latin sounds.

Fed always had passion for pop, dance, electronic and latin music, participating to several national festivals and television contests. With the stage name Annee she releases several singles, achieving a great success with the track “Besame”, included among the summer international hit by Grazia Italy magazine. Moving to London she takes up different musical influences and decides to start a new path with the name Fed.