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“Over” is the new single from Marco Mazzoli, italian dj & produttore with an interesting career in radiophonic world in Italy and abroad, in collaboration with Roby Giordana, active since over 30 years in dance music world with many collaborations with artists like Jeffrey Jey and Cristian Marchi, and official remixes for two successful hits in Italy: “Io Vagabondo” with Nomadi and “Ballo in fa diesis minore” with Angelo Branduardi.

The release, including an official HJM rework, features a male vocal and a dance drop with fresh sounds. The rework adds the trumpet element to the original version, giving a cool touch to the production.

Marco Mazzoli grew in Los Angeles, where the father Claudio has worked as Art Director for Walt Disney. He started his career in 1987 in local radio in Lombardy, then from 1993 to 1995 in RTL 102.5, Radio Capital (1995-1996) with Dj Angelo, then Station One (1996-1998) with Dj Monta Mix and Wender. In 1998 he started the collaboration with Radio 105 and then he hosted 105 New York with Camila Raznovich for 6 months. Back from the States, he created and hosted Lo Zoo di 105. In May 2014 his first single with US rapper Flo Rida was released, titled “Light Up My Life”. In 2014 he announced the closing of Zoo di 105 after 15 years. On September 26th 2014 “Lo zoo di 105” re-opened with a special 4 hours long radioshow.

Since 2015 he is editor and director of Miami local radio Revolution 935 where he hosts "Welcome to the zoo” program. On 31th March 2016 the movie On Air - Storia di un successo was released and directed by Davide Simon Mazzoli, where Marco Mazzoli talks about his life, passion and work.