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No Plastic

After over 20 million of albums sold throughout the world with 5 Platinum and 16 Gold Awards just to name few of his certifications, Belgian artist Plastic Bertrand is back with a new single on EGO Music focusing and taking a position on the relevant worldwide topic about “plastic”, sustainable development and against climate change as brought by young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

In the single “No Plastic”, in collaboration with B-Generation, Plastic Bertrand sings and shout “NO” together with children sharing the same aim and future goal: a plastic free world.

The sound of the track takes up the ‘New Beat’ genre born in Belgium in the mid-80s and it mixes perfectly with B-Generation, the energetic children’s choir that makes the single unique in its genre, similar to the concept of “The Wall” of Pink Floyd.

"No Plastic" will be the anthem to consecrate the 30 years of the ‘New Beat’ and at the same time the 30 years of Radio Nostalgie Belgium, where the single will be presented with a big national event.

Since the start Plastic Bertrand is keen and interested about green movements to help the world situation. He is a musician, songwriter, producer, editor and television presenter. His songs are performed by the greatest American bands such as Sonic Youth, The President of The United States, Leyla Kaye (Prince) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and are also choose as the soundtracks of films like "The Wolf of Wall Street", "Three Kings", "Me Myself and I", "Jackass The Movie” and more! Coca Cola

Asia and Pepsi Cola America has chosen "Ça plane pour moi", one of his biggest 80’s successes, for their advertising campaign in their territories.

We can definitely say that this is a big return for Plastic Bertrand with a very important message to the world!

“No Plastic, only Plastic Bertrand!”