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No Plastic (Remixes)

After over 20 million of albums sold throughout the world with 5 Platinum and 16 Gold Awards just to name few of his certifications, Belgian artist Plastic Bertrand is back with a new single on EGO Music focusing and taking a position on the relevant worldwide topic about “plastic”, sustainable development and against climate change as brought by young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

In the single “No Plastic”, in collaboration with B-Generation, Plastic Bertrand sings and shout “NO” together with children sharing the same aim and future goal: a plastic free world.

Here we are with two new remixes, the first one from Belgian dj, producer and songwriter Serge Ramaekers, among the 20 bestselling Belgian artists abroad, and the second one from the Italian dj and producer Maurizio Sacchi.

Serge Ramaekers wanted to give a stronger touch to the original track, with gloomy sounds and a sharp electronic drop, an experimental work compared to the genre New Beat that in the 80’s made him famous being the mind behind Belgian groups like Confetti’s, Cartouche, T-Spoon, Dinky Toys and many more. He also had the privilege to make remixes of famous artists like Freddie Mercury’s “Living On My Own”, which became a massive worldwide hit.

Maurizio Sacchi’s remix has a 90’s funky disco touch that makes the track perfect to dance.
In 1993 with BUM BUM CLUB he made the remix of “Restless” of Neja, great success that stood several weeks at #1 of many European charts.

With the project Funky Judge he remixed Ana Tijoux “1977” and Dario Nuñez “Sra Maria”, both for EGO and now he works for the best clubs of northern Italy.

Enjoy these brand-new remixes and don’t forget... “No Plastic, only Plastic Bertand!”