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No More Second Chances

Singer and songwriter Leony presents her new single "No More Second Chances".

Her latest hit “Faded Love” has achieved 17 NMF on Spotify and reached the top 10 in the Spotify European Viral Chart, top 50 iTunes Global, top 80 Shazam Global and top 30 Shazam Pop Global and #1 Airplay in Germany and among the most played songs by radio in France, Switzerland, Austria. In Italy already in the first week have reached the top 100 Earone, top 40 Shazam Overall and top10 Shazam Pop... a world break!

The results speak for themselves and for the 23-year-old singer it still seems surreal: "This still is an indescribable feeling! I hoped that the song would work out, but I never thought that it would go down so well! It feels like little Leony's dream is coming true."

Her new single "No More Second Chances" definitely has what it takes to continue to build on that success. The idea for the song came from a new version of Beethoven’s "For Elisa", which German sound designer Vincent Lee produced a few months earlier. Leony and her team had been thinking for a long time about reworking a classical melody and when Vincent dropped his version, everything clicked and a pop version of "Per Elisa" was born.

Unlike the original, which was played on the piano, the "No More Second Chances" version is played on guitar: "I've been joking around for a long time about how cool it would be to add a guitar solo to a song again. We felt that the original piano didn't quite fit the song and because "Faded Love" also had the guitar sound, we decided to play this melody on a guitar as well. I knew immediately we had something special."

"No More Second Chances" is about an on-off relationship. Both know that the end is inevitable, but they still hold on to their feelings and the time they have spent together - giving the relationship a "second chance" again and again.