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Next Generation (Remixes)

With over 300million streams to his name, Will Sparks is a dominant force in the Global Dance music scene. The multi-platinum producer has thrown us a curveball from his usual main stage club anthems with “Next Generation”, a stunning commercial dance crossover record with euphoric vocals and catchy melodic hooks.

Now it’s time for 3 new remixes, respectively from Liam Conner, Arlow and Joel Cantone, three young djs and producers who won, out of over 300 entries, Next Generation remix competition.

Kicking his career off in 2012, Sparks was named ‘Best Breakthrough Artist’ in 2013 via leading Australian music publication Inthemix, who then crowned him Australia’s #1 DJ the following year at the 2014 Inthemix Awards, then scored global recognition as one of ‘Billboard Magazine’s 10 most exciting young talents’ and ranked in DJ Mag’s top 100 DJs in the world for three consecutive years.

Will Sparks has shaken up the charts as much as he’s shaken up the streaming world. After releasing his iconic “Ah Yeah”, the track shot straight to #3 on Beatport and effortlessly hit double platinum. Then he dropped ‘Bring It Back’, and brought it home again with the single going platinum.