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Nessuno Mi può Giudicare (Lost Frequencies Remix)

"Nessuno Mi Può Giudicare" is the third single of Italian singer, producer, actress and presenter Caterina Caselli, published in 1966 on 45rpm vinyl. After reaching and keeping the first position in the general Italian sales chart for over two months in the year of release, the song was also translated into French (Baisse un peu la radio) and into Spanish (Ninguno me puede juzgar).

The official remix arrives after 53 years and transforms the original version by adding incisive and perfect dance club sounds. Thanks to the rework by Belgian dj & producer Lost Frequencies, pseudonym of Felix Safran De Laet, with big international hits such as "Are You With Me", "Reality", "Melody", "Crazy" and many others, "Nessuno Mi Può Giudicare" "finds a new modern face ready to make the whole world dance at clubs and beaches.

Caterina Caselli: “Nessuno Mi Può Giudicare” si dimostra ancora attuale e di forte impatto. Una delle canzoni “transgenerazionali” per eccellenza. È sorprendente questo nuovo remix con il giovanissimo Lost Frequencies! Come allora, “Nessuno Mi Può Giudicare“ rimane per me una canzone indelebile.Buon ascolto!"

After an intense artistic career that has always seen her at the top of popularity from 1966 to 1971, Caterina Caselli left the stage for her activity as a record producer in the 1970s with Ascolto label, forcing the attention of the public to artists such as Pierangelo Bertoli, Mauro Pagani, the Area with Demetrio Stratos and then with the CGD: Enrico Ruggeri, Raf, Francesco Baccini, Sergio Caputo, Paolo Vallesi, building the international success of Paolo Conte.

In 1989 he founded "Insieme-Sugar" which dominated the charts in 1990 with the official soundtrack of the World Soccer Championships "An Italian summer" performed by Gianna Nannini and Edoardo Bennato. In 1991 he launched a new entrepreneurial adventure with the Sugar Music brand, his "artisan workshop" where he concentrated his passion for research and the development of new talents.

Here are born some of the greatest artists and performers of contemporary Italian music, both popular and classical, like Andrea Bocelli the greatest Italian success ever (almost one hundred million classic, lyrical and pop albums sold worldwide in twenty years of career), Elisa, Negramaro, Malika Ayane, Motta, Arisa, Raphael Gualazzi, Riccardo Sinigallia and many others.

As an artist and entrepreneur Caterina Caselli Sugar has received, over the years, significant awards, including the Mela D'Oro from the Marisa Bellisario Foundation as a representative of the Creative Industry in 1998, and the Ambrogino d'Oro from Milan City in 2007. On 8 March 2006, the President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, conferred her the high honor of a Grand Officer of Merit of the Republic.