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He is the unstoppable and overwhelming Karmin Shiff, and he doesn't need any presentation. Everyone knows him as The King Of Zumba. His hits made dance and move millions of people all around the world: "Baila Morena (Oye Zumba)" and "Bamba Loca" burst the summer. His remixes are super sought after too... From EGO Karmin is flying to conquer the world!
His latest single is "Morosita", the result of several months of work that shows the desire of amazing and going wild. Everything is spiced with really polyglot lyrics: an explosive mix of English, French and Spanish. Karmin once again hits the mark and overwhelms us with an unstoppable Latin rhythm. He just reaffirms crying aloud his King Of Zumba's status.
Collaborations are really exceptional and super international. El Cata is the famous Dominican rapper, songwriter and record producer, very well known for his ElectroLatinPop style. Just to mention two big international and TOP names, El Cata wrote Pitbull's hymn "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)", the catchy torment of summer 2009, and collaborated with Shakira for one of her most clicked and appreciated songs, "Loca", out in 2010. Willy William is a Frech-Jamaican DJ and producer, very well known and followed in France for his remixes, featuring and exhibitions in the best clubs all over the world. His style is pure rap: c'est la connection France-Italie. And we can't of course forget the producers Stefano Carparelli and Marco Zardi. They are also the Frutta Boys and contribute to "Morosita" with a lively and crazy vitamin add!
Summer is approaching and we already found THE song to go along with. "Morosita" is a cool lively track, really irresistible: passionate rhythm... We are all dreaming of summer, seaside, sun, let's put our swimsuit on and start dancing, from the morning till late night.
Vamos de ritmo latino Rosita! Estoy enamorado de Rosita!