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What is going on in Lithuania?! While the music representatives of the Baltic mini-republic have been strangers to the international music charts for the last decades, Lithuania seems to be becoming a hotbed of contemporary hit production. The most recent example: following up on shooting star Dynoro – whose latest single ‘In My Mind’ is currently ruling the European charts – is his fellow countryman Gaullin with his first track ‘Moonlight’. Back in 2017 the original version of the song by the late rapper XXXTENTACION – who passed in June of 2018 – quickly became an underground hit. Throughout the last weeks, however ‘Moonlight’ managed to cross over into the official charts and become a big success in Russia amongst others.

‘I want to have my own style, so when my song starts playing, people will know that this is my song’, says Linas Gaudutis aka Gaullin who was born in Panevėžys, a city of 100.000 inhabitants. ‘And most importantly I want to make people happy.’ A quite surprising goal, considering the dj/producer’s music. Unlike his famous colleague, Dynoro Gaullin’s signature sound is significantly darker and more melancholic. Just one look at Gaullin’s sats, however, will confirm that this particular sound has the same hit potential: over 40  million YouTube views and three songs with each over one million streams on Spotify says it all.

Over 20 million streaming plays on Spotify!