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Mi Mi Mi (Remixes)

Girls are back since a month now. It took them very little time to create a storm on the web, in all charts and on radios. And it happened not only in Italy: SEREBRATION is happening also in The Netherlands and in Japan. And that's just the very beginning!
Now it's time to bring "Mi Mi Mi" to the next step: re-shape, re-create, re-do it. It's now time for remixes.
They are juicy, tasty and very very powerful. Obviously they are perfect for the best clubs in town. There is the remix by Gary Caos, the one made by Rudeejay together with Da Brozz, the Avantinova one (it's the project by South African DJs and producers Paul Bingham and Byron Keno) and the remix signed by Max Marani. Are you ready to taste and experiment Serebro "Mi Mi Mi" under a new and different light? The dive into the pool is always in ambush!