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“Me” is the italian meeting between italian internationally known dj & producer Ronnie Milani, with huge dance hits like “Atom” from his previous duo Nari & Milani with Maurizio Nari, and Showgun group, formed by Andrea Cuoghi and Alessandro Foschi.

The track features an intense male voice, a deep delicate piano and you can also enjoy the Game Over Djs official remix with a faster structure and a cut effect on the drop!

Showgun duo is resident of one of the top Italian clubs, ’KYI’ of Modena, who brought them to perform with some of the most important international artists like Benny Benassi, Bob Sinclair, Don Diablo, Nicky Romero, Vinai and many others.

In the latest years they produced different tracks that received many supports from several important international artists like Don Diablo, Dada Life, Bingo Players, Promise Land and many more.