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La Louze

Shanguy was born from an encounter between an italian DJ named NRD1 and two indie/pop singers, Eon Melka and Frank-O. Formed on a whim in 2017, Shanguy makes a very promising start with the first single "La Louze" which quickly comes to take the 1st place of the itunes in Russia while it appears in other European countries.

Nrd1 makes his name on the Italian electro scene with his remix of Lykke Li's "I Follow Rivers".

Follows a serie of collaborations until Nrd1 stumbles onto Eon Melka. French singer-songwriter, Eon starts to get known on that same electro-dance scene after writing for singers such as Chris Willis as well as himself featuring with Italian djs. He’s reached so far more than 10 million views on Spotify. For this first collaboration, Eon uses Frank-O, a singer-songwriter and indie / folk guitarist with whom he often works.

Together, the 2 singers sign a title mixing French and English on the theme of the "louze" (typical french loser spirit!) which recalls Stromae or french artist Helmut Fritz in "ça m’énerve".

Nrd1 is so seduced by the result that he immediately proposes to set up a band, Shanguy was born. Since then, their first single "La Louze" has propelled them into this exciting adventure across Europe, pushing them to the preparation of an album for 2018.