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BEN DJ & Brawo feat. ROMY DYA
Good Life (Remixes)

If you loved the Deep Chills remix, the original and the acoustic version, it’s time to enjoy the remix pack of “Good Life” by Ben Dj, Brawo and Romy Dya, including the remixes of the Italian producer Lovtaire, Italian dj and producer Kuazo, the extended version of Deep Chills remix and the extended version of the original.

Totally different from the original version and the remix of Deep Chills, young Italian producer Lovtaire presents a remix intense and very emotional.
The track starts with Romy Dya’s voice suspended in an ethereal atmosphere accompanied by a string of violins and a soft piano creating the perfect path to the intense and overwhelming drop. You will feel this track going straight to your veins and your soul.

The italian dj and producer Kuazo adds a funky/groove touch to the original version, with trumpets in the background leading to a flute-like drop well mixed with the beautiful voice of Romy Dya.

Hailing from Italy, Lovtaire is an electronic music producer who loves to incorporate cinematic elements in his downtempo tracks. Born in Milan, he spent his entire teens listening to different genres while trying to fuse them in his own productions. Lovtaire also works with videomakers and filmmakers, and many of his works are inspired by his own self-composed soundtracks.

Kuazo has been active since 2010.
His style is eclectic, moving from trap to dubstep to bass house. He is also a skilled beatmaker, and he produced beats and arrangements for a large range of singers and rappers. He performed in several gigs, opening and closing for djs such as Afrojack, Dannic, Julian Jordan, and many more.