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“Giulia” is the new single from the Canadian dj and producer Prince Paris featuring the Milan trio Il Pagante.

Remake of the renowed 1984 song by Gianni Togni, this new version features a sparkling and dynamic sound characterized by an energetic piano intro, fresh vocal that leads to an explosive drop!

Prince Paris is a Canadian dj and producer of Greek origin, evolution of the Paris & Simo duo with whom he began his career in the music scene.
His curriculum boasts a tour with David Guetta, performances for the most famous international festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Tomorroworld USA, Ultra Miami and various shows in South America, Europe and Asia.

Il Pagante is a project born in 2010. The idea behind their songs is to recreate environments and situations typically youthful, through in-depth investigations concerning the world of nightlife, the school, the fun and the implications that these moments of sociality have in the formation of Italian guys.

Between techno, house and hip-hop, the Milanese band is surrounded by a guest list of high-level collaborators such as M¥SS KETA and rappers Emis Killa and Gemelli Diversi. Sarcasm and irony are at the base of their texts influencing a whole generation of young people.