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After “Pelao Pelao” and “Loca” Karmin Shiff and J7J are back with the new single “Gitana”,this time in collaboration with the Dominican artist The Romy, the Cuban singer Fel-X and the Venezuelan beauty Lubi Baez.

Senxual sounds, sinuous voices and the unmistakable reggaeton rhythm, these are the elements that distinguish “Gitana”, perfect to warm up your summer nights!

This is the third single for The Romy in collaboration with Karmin Shiff and J7J, and more has yet to come.

Fel-X developed his passion for singing and music since he was a kid, winning prestigious singing competitions and performing in the most famous theatre of Latin America. After moving to Italy, in 2016 he took part at the Latin Music Awards with the song “Como Yo” classifying in the first 10 finalists.

Lubi Baez is a great singer with a tipical latin voiceprint but an energy that prefers the pop and dance music. She starts her music path with the duo “Lubi&Piece”produced by Italian djs and producers BHB whom mixed reggaeton with pop and dance sounds. After the duo experience she moved abroad to try the solo career and after the European success with the single “Galera” and the featuring in France with Jessy Matador in “Rueda Mundial” she’s ready to rock with “Gitana”.