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"Festival", summer hit song of year 2002 by italian duo Paola & Chiara, returns to the future thanks to Torrente & Solarys combo, a team of Italian producers that churn out a new club remake for the planetary "millennials" Dancefloors.

Solarys debut for Ego with the track "Let The Sunshine In" (inspired by the musical "Hair") in 2013, this tune being characterized by a Latin house groovin ' and an uncontrollable power; a true international hit club. In 2018 they meet the young dance-maker Torrente, no newcomer to the contemporary Future House scene, a dj prodigal of new ideas and sounds thanks to classical music studies but with a solid fan base gained in North-Italy’s clubs of Milan.

The fusion of these two identities leads today to the creation of "Festival" new version, out on October 26th. Fresh sound and powerful drop, skilfully mixed with the refrain of the original "Festival" tune, which elevates the project to an wide and credible Dancefloor scene from across the border.

The Italian duo Paola & Chiara originally released "Festival" as their first single from the homonymous album, also two international versions in Spanish (Noche Magica) and in English (Heart Beatin ') were made.

Are you ready to dance with Torrente & Solarys?