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Faded Love (NOØN Remix)

From a small Bavarian village to the whole wide world!

Singer-songwriter Leony (Leonie Burger) grew up in the Bavarian Forest, where she started singing before she had really learned to speak. She took piano and guitar lessons as a young girl … which proved most valuable as things turned out! Today she is a much sought-after artist who works with a host of stars like Alan Walker (Space Melody), Sam Feldt (Far Away From Home), VIZE (Paradise, Brother Louie), Capital Bra, Dimitri Vegas…  she may only be 23 years young, but she already has more than 100 million streams to her name!
After a string of superb hit collaborations, now Leony is ready with her next solo single - Faded Love.

Faded Love has had 17 NMF on Spotify and has reached the top 10 in the Spotify European Viral Chart and is top 50 iTunes Global and top 80 Shazam Global. and is ready the break worldwide.

Not for the first time, the song was born during a late evening studio session with her producer and manager Vitali Zestovskih. They were having fun listening to a bunch of older tunes, one of which was the global hit from the year 2000 - Dragostea Din Tei. The catchy melody inspired Vitali to pick up his guitar and riff on the chorus to create a brand new musical vibe. They were both so enamoured with this ingenious update that they decided to write new lyrics to go with the new production – and what they came up with is Faded Love. As the title suggests, the song’s theme is a love that has been lost and how to get past it, over it, how to move on. Then again, this feeling has a way of creeping back into your life, almost as if you don’t completely want to leave your lost love behind…

Leonie herself has this to say:  “I dreamed of being successful with music from a very early age and now that this dream is actually coming too, it feels like I’m playing a part in a beautiful film, I can hardly believe it’s happening. I try and enjoy every single moment and that often works just fine, but there are still times when I have to pinch myself! I hope this journey never ends.”