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“EX” is a song about empowering yourself, from all bad situations that could have happened with a friend, random people or a lover.

It’s been almost three years since the 20y Danish-Palestinian singer REEM appeared in X-Factor Denmark 2016 and though she didn’t win, she then struggled for two years to find her own sound and has released three singles with massive airplay in Denmark (the first one was premiered on Beats1 Chart with Brooke Reese)

Following the original version, Prague based well known dj & producer Spada delivers a deep house version with delicate and elegant sounds that will make you dance! The quality of the remix is definitely high like his past international hits “Sun Sun Sun”, “Cool Enough” and “Red Velvet Dress” with over 50 million streaming plays.

Among the biggest talents on the Danish music scene, spotlighted also on Danish TV show P3 Gold, REEM has been singing for 10 years and start releasing her own music after high school.

“For me EX is a song where you’re finally over bad influences in your life, where you’ve had enough of negative energy from different types of individuals, and finally find self courage to speak up for yourself, and empower yourself with love! And not be afraid to tell yourself that you deserve more than what you’ve had before.”

REEM grew up in the suburbs of Copenhagen, with her parents and two sisters. She started dancing shortly and she still spends a lot of time in the dance studios, but mainly as a teacher for kids which means the world for her. The music studio on the other hand is a place, where she can focus on herself.

“It’s a place with no boundaries. It’s a place to heal myself, and to ease my head. The music for me is not just a beat, a text, a melody, it’s a story coming from the heart. A place to be colourful, and a place to be vulnerable.” As she says herself.

So note REEM name in your ones-to-watch list, she is rising so fast and she’s going to perform at Distortion street party and SPOT festival, among the most important events in Denmark!

SPADA Remix will be available on June 14th including HUGEL remix!