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Don’t You Worry

Here they are again: young, beautiful and talented. Spada & Elen Levon are back with their new single 'Don�t You Worry'. The perfect combination and duo is back, the one that hit a gold record plus million of listeners and views with 'Cool Enough'.
She is the beautiful Australian singer (now based in Los Angeles), diva on stage, powerful voice, former prodigy girl now turned into a young, beautiful and self-confident woman, ready to conquer the world with a great crowd of adoring fans. He is Spada, the young Italian DJ and producer (now based in Prague), who just turned into a success the new single by Tresor 'Never Let Me Go' thanks to his tropical remix. Blood isn�t flowing in Spada�s veins, but love for music and the perfect attitude to touch souls and make them dance.
'Don�t You Worry' is the cover of Madasun�s hit single out in 2000. The total solar eclipse shines again with the new version by Spada & Elen Levon... Because even when everything is black, when the day turns to night, sunbeams are still there. Just look for them within yourself. And the sun will shine again, stronger than ever. So don�t you worry, even if autumn is around the corner: it's nice enjoying freedom again and feeling good after a love story that didn�t work out. We�re doing fine. And you?