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Dance 2 The Beat (Kanu Remix)

“Dance 2 The Beat” is the new single from martian duo Djs From Mars featuring US recording artist Davis Mallory, singer and songwriter (cast on MTV’s The Real World and 3 MTV Challenges)!

It’s time for the official remix of “Dance 2 The Beat” from Kanu, mysterious italian dj & producer under the international spotlights during the “Groove House” supported by big artists like David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Kryder. Kanu adds house sounds and club shapes to the original version, emboding the alien-tronic style of the duo, who get closer in a remote galaxy to the Daft Punk kind of legendary style.

After reaching Billboard Dance Club Play Songs #1 and Top 50 Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic charts with “Gam Gam”, DJs from Mars are ready to play their highenergy dance track and critically acclaimed bootlegs all over the world in 2019. Touring non-stop across 5 continents in the last 6 years, their mega-mashups for David Guetta and Steve Aoki (with million views on YouTube and socials).