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Ana (Anita) Tijoux is widely celebrated by critics as one of the greatest Chilean artists in the international panorama, among the most credible and politically and socially active. 
Ana was born in France to Chilean parents in political exile during Pinochet's dictatorship. After the return to democracy, the family moved to Chile. She found a home in the emerging hip-hop scene of Santiago and first started rhyming in French, then later in Spanish. It was the collaboration with Mexican rock star Julieta Venegas on the hit track, “Eres Para Mi”, which helped expose Tijoux to a mainstream audience, after the song became a TV and radio smash hit across Latin America and the U.S. 
Ana was nominated twice to Grammy and Latin Grammy. In 2013 she also collaborated with Morcheeba for the single “Hypnotized”. Her “1977” was recommended by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke as one of the best song of the year. The track is also featured on the video game FIFA 11 and on the very famous TV series Breaking Bad. In Italy "1977" hit the Top10 iTunes Overall and Top20 Airplay Overall. 
Ana Tijoux now releases her first European album, “1977”. The album (and song) is named for Ana’s year of her birth. “1977” is a collection of feelings, a travel through Ana’s music and atmospheres. Ana opens herself and her album to a myriad of different influences, a crazy quilt of rap, rhythm, strings and sentiment. 
The album takes listeners on a tour through the rapper's entire life. Her reminiscences, layered over slinky jazz and hip-hop, make for an unpredictable concoction that translates easily into any language.